• Client: Council of Karlsruhe
  • Industries: Infrastructure
  • Location: Mannheim
  • Service: Virtual Reality
  • Team: Besjan Xhika, Esther Hechler, Joey Zhao, Philipp Eckhoff, Wojtek Wojakowski, Yara Habbal
  • Date: July 2023

Our innovative VR tool VRIKE celebrated its premiere at the booth of the Karlsruhe Regional Council at well known German event “Bundes-Gartenschau” 2023 in Mannheim. Vrike is a bicycle VR application that allows visitors to realistically experience a future infrastructure project, in this case the cycle expressway between Mannheim and Heidelberg. The numerous interested visitors were able to use it to explore a 6-kilometre section of the 22-kilometre route, which shows particularly many innovations, such as planned subways and routes through residential areas.

A cycle expressway means congestion avoidance, CO2 reduction, health promotion and leisure fun for surrounding communities and residents. However, it will be several years before the full distance can be covered by muscle power. With the help of VRIKE, many people can be reached and inspired for the project. The application will also be used as a communication tool beyond the BuGa.

Resident Interview @ BuGA 2023