• Client: Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes
  • Industries: Infrastructure
  • Location: Pforzheim / Southern Germany
  • Service: Interactivity
  • Team: Besjan Xhika, Philipp Eckhoff, Jacobo Garcia, Wojtek Wojakowski
  • Date: February 2022

Explain a complex infrastructure project in seconds to convince all parties involved, like affected communities and neighbors.”

That was the task we received from the federal German Autobahn GmbH and therefore we developed this easy-to-use web application.
It not only shows all construction phases of the A8 six-lane expansion in great detail, but also before and after conditions and all the positive changes that come with it: fewer traffic jams, less noise, better connection of the villages as well as protection of species, reforestation and more rest areas.



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