• Client: Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes
  • Industries: Infrastructure
  • Location: Pforzheim
  • Team: Ivo Pek, Michal Bartecki, Nicolas Grandillo, Philipp Eckhoff, Wojtek Wojakowski
  • Date: November 2019

The A8 motorway near Pforzheim is no longer up to future requirements and will be renewed by Karlsruhe City Council in the coming years.

Our animation film demonstrates, in a simple and elegant way, how large volumes of information can be communicated to the public in a film just a few minutes long. This provides the viewer with a good general overview of the project, generating enthusiasm for the planned changes.

Complex technical drawing of a highway refurbishment.
FIG. 03

Complex refurbishment measures are about to be realized on the 5km long section of the A8. Amongst other things, the road cross section and bridges will be widened and noise protection will be implemented for the residents. All this will cause considerable disruption for communities and residents. Targeted communication and advance preparations are crucial to ensure the acceptance of all stakeholders. This is where the film makes a significant contribution.

How do you generate an easily understandable and aesthetically pleasing before-and-after comparison of a highway refurbishment? We chose X-ray vision as the means: The future highway network is projected onto the existing roadway in the form of blue lines for a direct comparison.