• Partner: UN SDG Action Campaign
  • Industries: Other
  • Location: Metaverse
  • Service: Interactivity Virtual Reality
  • Team: Anthony Dirassoyan, Besjan Xhika, Esther Hechler, Philipp Eckhoff, Yara Habbal
  • Date: September 2023

As we always strive to support sustainable projects, we are proud to present our contribution to the UN SDG Action Campaign 2023:
Our Berlin Metaverse TV Tower allows virtually anyone to host events in the heart of our beautiful capital city – bringing people from all over the world together for information, exchange and education.


At the launch event, which took place on 15 September 2023 alongside the UN General Assembly in New York, the virtual tower was opened with a speech by campaign manager Marina Ponti.

We have fully designed the place with its various functions so that several visitors can enter at the same time with their avatars and do a wide variety of things, e.g. find out about the 17 goals of the Unite to Act campaign and enjoy a breathtaking view of Berlin from the viewing platform.

Let’s UNITE TO ACT! See you in the Metaverse!