Explaining highway refurbishments to the
public for the Council of Karlsruhe


The motorway A8  near Pforzheim is no longer up to the future requirements and will be renewed by the Council of Karlsruhe in the coming years. Our animation film shows in a simple and elegant way how large amounts of information can be communicated to the public in just a few minutes of film length. This gives the viewer a good general overview of the project and can make them being excited about the changes.


Complex renovations are about to be realized on the 5km long section of the A8. A wider street cross section, wider bridges and noise protection for the residents will be implemented amongst others. All this is demanding a lot from the communities and residents. Targeted marketing material and long ahead preparation is crucial for the acceptance of all stakeholders. This is where the film makes a significant contribution.

How do you make a before-and-after comparison of a highway as easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing as possible? We chose X-ray vision as the means: The future network is projected onto the real existing terrain for a direct comparison.