• Industries: Other
  • Location: USA
  • Service: Set Design
  • Team: Gonzalo Portabella, Philipp Eckhoff, Thomas Hellmuth
  • Date: March 2017

Tecton is a versatile LED trunking system for efficient continuous row lighting. Light lines can be equipped with individual spots, floods and high-bay luminaires, that makes it utilized in many different industrial situations. Our animation stresses the system’s versatility by showing all possible modules, the ease of installation and their application areas in a sophisticated 3d style.

Sketch for lighting project.
FIG. 01

Everything starts with the right concept. A handsketched storyboard helps us to quickly visualize the storyline of our film. In a next stage, the sketches are transferred into motion pictures. Besides the general story, the animated storyboard provides also informations about the camera movements, the edit and the soundscape.

If required we also design and build virtual spaces, that help our clients to show their products in the right context. For this video we created all spaces that show the luminaires in action: a warehouse, a class room, a supermarket as well as an office.

This animation was shown during the product launch in the US market in 2017. Zumtobel is a global manufacturer of luminaires founded in Dornbirn, Austria.