• Industries: Architecture
  • Location: Hamburg
  • Team: Gonzalo Portabella, Ivo Pek, Nicolas Grandillo, Philipp Eckhoff
  • Date: March 2019

In 2019 the Hamburg tennis stadium Am Rothenbaum was refurbished. The year before that, ECE and the German Tennis Federation commissioned us to produce an animation that presents the changes to the public.


Our animation tells the story of a boy that visits the stadium and dreams of playing there one day. Finally, as an adult, his dream becomes reality and we see him playing the match of his life. Virtual transformation scenes present the changes brought about by refurbishment in a highly interactive manner.

Former tennis champion Michael Stich supported the project and secretly assumed an important role in our story. He stands as a symbol for the boy who wants to play at Rothenbaum one day himself. In 1993, Michael won the tournament after following numerous games live in the stadium as a child, together with his parents.