• Client: UNStudio
  • Industries: Architecture
  • Location: Chungnam, South Korea
  • Service: Film & Animation
  • Team: Cenan Bayramoglu, Gonzalo Portabella, Ivo Pek
  • Date: August 2021

UNStudio won this architectural competiton with a unique design that provides a new form of interactive engagement between art and the public.



Our animation film shows how the museum turns inside out, bringing in the city and community of Changnam and how this creates a diverse and vibrant cultural experience. We also portray the team behind the design and show how the interactive spaces work, through which art and technology can be experienced in new ways.

Computer generated image of a modern museum, people sitting, walking and discovering modern art.

UNStudio Ben van Berkel, Astrid Piber with Sontaya Bluangtook, Marc Salemink and Heeyoun Kim, Hyoseon Park, Alba Pelaez, Andrii Kniaz

Design Partners: UNStudio and DA Group Digital Content and Exhibition Design: Squint/Opera Landscape design: Loos van Vliet Community Content: UNSense Still Renderings: Bloomimages Animations: Morean