Say hello to the BetaPort configurator. It is designed to make architectural planning more efficient and intuitive. And more fun!

The BetaPort configurator is a digital planning tool. It serves as an interactive platform, that makes planning processes easier, more intuitive and efficient. Using machine learning and custom algorithms the configurator is designed for efficient planning, elimination of planning errors, the anticipation of building costs and in the future the creation of file-to-factory-production data. The configurator gives immediate visual feedback and makes the planning process a playful experience through gamification. It connects a large number of project stakeholders, such as public authorities, urban planners and general public alike. The design process becomes an interactive act of participation and allows unseen information streams, relations and processes to be visualized, compared and optimized.

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The configurator was designed for UrbanBeta. BetaPort provides scalable building systems for sustainable mobility hubs on-demand. It offers adaptive spaces that cover a wide variety of future mobility needs. The system can grow over time and adapt to future use cases, using predictive planning for maximum efficient layouts, future anticipation and stakeholder involvement. BetaPort offers the seamless integration of multimodal transportation into one coherent mobility experience, based on circular economy principles.

BetaPort is collaboratively designed by UrbanBeta with renowned industry partners worldwide.

The Betaport concept. Imagefilm.