Visualize your idea of socially inclusive, sustainable urban quarters. With the BetaHood-configurator.

  • Client: Urban Beta UG
  • Industries: Green Mobility & InfrastructureFuture ArchitectureMasterplanningSmart Products
  • Service: Interactivity
  • Team: Jacobo Garcia, Philipp Eckhoff, Wojtek Wojakowski
  • Date: October 2021

Our partner Urban Beta is researching new ways for social housing*. The aim is to provide creatively designed modules for homeless people but also for students and creative minds. A temporary habitat, based on high social and ecological standards, as well as systems, which encourage social interaction and upgrade urban spaces. To build the bridge between living, working and leisure, the houses are designed as holistic modules.


The interactive tool we developed provides an instant idea of the future design in real time. Become a designer of a social quarter yourself and create an urban habitat with the BetaHood Configurator:

Try the Beta Version

*In association with Berliner Stadtmission, Arup and Bauhaus University Weimar.