• Industries: Infrastructure
  • Service: Virtual Reality
  • Team: Besjan Xhika, Esther Hechler, Joey Zhao, Neil Parek, Philipp Eckhoff, Wojtek Wojakowski, Yara Habbal
  • Date: July 2023

Introducing VRIKE: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Fun and Immersion.

With VRIKE, your audience can embark on exciting virtual journeys, covering vast distances, and explore entire (future) cities using their own muscle power.

Suitable for Events, Exhibitions, Showrooms or Trade Fairs. Use it for sharing information, education, or just as a fun addition during breaks, creating engagement and lasting memories.

It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and well-being, allowing everyone to experience your development projects or product ideas in a captivating virtual space.
Choose between pre-made scenarios or add your personal touch with information that’s important to you. This could include detailed data, new assets, or even gamified functions.

We will customize your scenes 100% to your needs.