Experiencing the building phases of Riyadh's most iconic Metro station.

  • Client: Snøhetta
  • Team: Gonzalo Portabella, Philipp Eckhoff
  • Service: Film & Animation
  • Location: Riyadh
  • Industries: Green Mobility & InfrastructureFuture Architecture
  • Partner: One Works Spa
  • Date: May 2014
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With this innovative downtown Metro station in Riyadh, Snøhetta and OneWorks created a sustainable concept on multiple levels. The station will be an efficient public transport hub to reduce traffic congestion and is also focusing on environmental sustainable aspects like providing energy, water conservation, daylight harvesting, natural shading and ventilation.


We created the presentation film for the official governmental site inspection, as well as the included construction scenes, that clearly illustrate the whole building process.