• Client: HORN® Glass Industries AG
  • Industries: Other
  • Location: Ploessberg
  • Service: Film & Animation
  • Team: Ann-Kathrin Jäckel, Gonzalo Portabella, Philipp Eckhoff, Wojtek Wojakowski
  • Date: May 2017

Horn Glass Industries is Germany’s leading supplier of turn-key glass production systems. This film presents the company’s float glass systems’ division. Here sheet glass, e.g. for windowpanes, is produced in an innovative and resource-saving process.

Conceptually, the goal was to create a carefully balanced mix, providing both technical knowledge for an audience of specialists as well as an entertaining and varied overall storyboard. The result is a mixture of real and digital film which portrays both the production process and the management team, lending it a highly personal and down-to-earth touch.

The Morean has created half a dozen films and a variety of product visualizationsfor Horn Glass over recent years, including image films, production films as well as project films for individual sales pitches in many different languages.