Exploring the unique features of Zumtobel Sequence in a series of short social media clips.


Changing types of collaboration require flexible lighting solutions that adapt to people’s individual needs. A study conducted by industry leader Zumtobel in collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO has shown that users prefer lighting solutions that can be individually controlled. The luminaire SEQUENCE meet these requirements. Three short ‘film sequences’, each one minute long, explain the corresponding product characteristics in a striking fashion. They were created for Zumtobel’s news blog lightlive and had more than 40,000 clicks in less than a week.

Just like in Hollywood, our animations require plausible and attractive environments to present products in the right light. The office spaces for the SEQUENCE clips didn’t yet exist, since the product was not yet on the market. At Morean we designed the spaces that suited the client’s overall marketing strategy. The sketch illustrates our set design.