How to explain the redesign of a historic building by reusing existing materials? We show you!

  • Client: Signa Holding GmbH
  • Industries: Future Architecture
  • Location: Berlin
  • Service: Film & AnimationImages
  • Team: Philipp Eckhoff, Phillip Schmidt
  • Date: 2021 / 2022

In 2019, SIGNA presented its vision for the unique Karstadt am Hermannplatz project to the public for the first time. We have been accompanying this unique concept since 2020 and have since created several lively animations that vividly depict all important aspects of the project, especially the reuse of existing materials.


Our animations and illustrations support in communicating the ecological, social and sustainable project on the website and social media channels and enable early participation of all project stakeholders.

The centerpiece of the redesign of the area will remain the historic Karstadt building from 1929, without demolition and with reference to the history of the department store. The concept will be complemented by a publicly accessible roof terrace, flexible spaces for offices, retail, gastronomy and culture as well as residential space.