• Client: Mercedes Benz AG
  • Industries: Manufacturing & Product Innovation
  • Location: London
  • Service: Virtual Reality
  • Team: Gonzalo Portabella, Justin Siemt, Philipp Eckhoff
  • Date: July 2016

How can you show a new car concept on a press event without allowing the audience to take home pictures or other documentations?

On the first press release of the new Mercedes Golf Cart, the car was only meant to be seen on the event, but nowhere else. This we made possible by presenting the vehicle exclusively through virtual reality goggles. Once the observer takes off the glasses, the show is over and no pictures can be taken. The perfect technique for a secret pre-launch!

Sketch of a VR project.
FIG. 01

When putting on the googles, the application starts with in a black space. A car appears from far and drives into a virtual photo studio that turns on the lights just for a second in order to briefly reveal the new design. Seconds later the car dissapears again into the black space.