One project, one tree and something to play with!


This year we decided to plant one tree for every animation project we have ever completed. This makes a total of 253 trees* so far (not only on this little virtual globe – BTW please play with it!) and an offset of around 5,600 kg of CO2. (This is equivalent to: 430 kg of beef / 28,000 kg of veggies / 40,000 km of car travel or 50% of the lifetime carbon emissions of a human being / 28,000 Google search queries / …)


We will continue planting trees after finishing many more animated movies, for and together with you!


Thanks to our clients for the great cooperation!



Merry Xmas and a happy and green New Year! 🎄

In order to check your carbon footprint, and see how many trees you need to plant to balance it, visit this calculator.

We support the following projects: ecosia – The search engine that plants trees  / *Grow my tree