back from the forest

As announced earlier this year, morean was part of the special exhibition innovation of interior at the international furniture trade fair interzum in early May. Around 60,000 manufacturers, suppliers, architects and designers from 148 countries made an amazing crowd at Cologne Exhibition Center.                                                                     

We showed a glimpse of the future. During the four days, hundreds of visitors came to our virtual reality showroom and went on a flight through the digital forest.

morean | vr setupThe sophisticated set-up allowed a maximum immersion: A chair designed by morean co-founder Philipp Eckhoff was manufactured especially for the exhibition and served as a “pilot’s seat” – both in the real and the virtual world. Wearing the Virtual Reality (VR) headset Oculus Rift the visitors arrived on a sunny glade:

Treetops and grasses swaying in the breeze. Abstract paintings on rock walls and classical design furniture spread throughout the scene create a surreal atmosphere.

High-end headphones filter the ambient noise from the surrounding booths. Instead you hear birdsong, wind noise and the movement of the branches. A fan provides a varying breeze depending on the altitude of the flying chair.

An electric sunlamp, precisely mounted beside the chair on the position of the virtual sun emits warmth. Cedar oil on a cotton fabric in the headset creates intense coniferous fragrance.

The two-minute trip into the parallel world made a lasting impression on our guests. And gave a fascinating outlook on how products, design and architecture will be presented in the future.

Right after the fair we started working on our first projects providing our customers with innovative tools for their product and corporate communications.

We have had many intensive discussions about the future possibilities in VR. We ourselves are absolutely excited about this technology and convinced that it will become the standard in the product presentation very soon.

If you want to know how to successfully apply Virtual Reality to boost your marketing power, or already have a specific project in mind, please contact us!

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