riyadh metro station

saudi-arabia is currently building a whole new public transportation system. one of the most iconic metro stations ever has been designed by Snøhetta. morean provided a handcrafted construction film. it features a time-lapse study of the building process – starting with the excavation ditch until finally the giant canopy is set on top.

we quote from the architects’ thoughts and ideas about this shiny spaceship:

“The Qasr Al Hokm Downtown Metro Station will become an icon for the renaissance of the city of Riyadh. Building upon the principles of sustainability, the station highlights a new consciousness of this generation, to build a future that recognizes the value of natural resources and its important role in urban regeneration, based upon the principals of sustainable urbanism.

The Downtown Metro station is designed as an urban plaza with a large canopy providing shade to the surrounding public spaces and channeling daylight down into train station below ground. The polished stainless steel canopy functions as a landmark signaling the station’s entrance.”

(c) Snøhetta & MIR
rendering by mir, norway

video credits: morean – digital realities | bloomimages with material by MIR, Squint/Opera and Snøhetta

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