March 27, 2015 morean

the fusion of real and virtual

morean founders philipp eckhoff & gonzalo portabella

morean founders philipp and gonzalo talk about their work with international architects and designers and the connection between the real and virtual world.                                                                                              

as announced earlier this year morean has been invited to be part of the innovation of interior exhibition at the interzum in cologne. it’s the world’s largest fair on furniture production and interior design.

innovation of interior (ioi) is interzum’s special format for architects, interior designers, industrial designers and other planners. the fair’s innovation campus presents trend-setting materials and projects with exhibitions and other formats.

morean is designing a 3d virtual showroom, especially for the occasion. in an interview published on the ioi website philipp and gonzalo explain their goal: translating a client’s vision into an animated story that makes people fall in love with a design, a building or a product’s features:

Mr Eckhoff, Mr Portabella – morean creates animated films for the areas of architecture and product. How does this benefit your clients?

Philipp Eckhoff: The short answer is that we translate our clients’ vision into a story. And we tell this story in moving, digital image sequences. These stories help our clients to convince their clients in turn of the design, the function, the construction method or simply the beauty of their product – whether it’s a building or a piece of furniture.

Gonzalo Portabella: In our experience, at this point in time, no other media is better equipped to convey the idea of an architect, a designer or product developer. In addition to the images themselves, music and sound effects play a vital role in conveying emotions.

mixed reality: virtual interior with real person
mixed reality: virtual interior with real person

As well as working with renowned architecture offices and companies like UNStudio, Snøhetta and Zumtobel, you also take commissions from start-ups and smaller agencies. What do these different clients expect from the transfer of their concepts and visions into virtual scenarios?

Eckhoff: Regardless of whether it’s a global enterprise or an exciting start-up with a great product idea: our clients expect a dialogue on an equal footing. As designers and architects, we speak their language. We have designed houses, furnishing and lighting ourselves.

Portabella: Our clients are proud of their designs and products and the amount of work and great ideas they contain – and rightly so. It’s precisely this expertise and quality which our films seek to portray – with emotion and with a story told in impressive images. In watching our films, our clients’ clients should gain a deeper understanding of what they have commissioned or what they are about to buy. In other words: they should fall in love with it.

read the complete interview on the innovation of interior website.

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