reinventing paris

Internationally renowned Sauerbruch Hutton Architects present “Les Arches Maillot” to create a new urban ecosystem in the middle of Paris.

Reinventing Paris

“Paris has to reinvent itself every moment”, says Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, introducing one of the largest european urban development projects of all times. The city launched a world-wide competition inviting architects and urban planners to develop ideas for new buildings on more than 20 different sites in Paris.

A quote from the city’s authorities official statement:

“The purpose of this Call for Innovative Urban Projects is to select innovative urban projects or constructions with a view to their practical implementation in the short term in the Paris area.”

For the french real-estate developer Foncière des Régions and Berlin-based Sauerbruch Hutton Architects we produced a mixed-media film. It features their impressive architectural approach combining seven major innovations. Their design called “Les Arches Maillot” has been chosen to be among the four finalists for the site Ternes-Villiers in the eastern center of Paris.

Presenting urban innovation

To convey the sophisticated highlights of the urban design to the competition’s jury we applied and combined different techniques: Shooting extensive real video sequences on the urban site, capturing key statements in personal interviews, placing green-screen footage into digitally rendered spaces or using illustrative motion graphics to add helpful information.

 morean | reinventing paris | les arches maillot

Real video sequences embedded into digitally rendered interior scenes.

morean | reinventing paris | les arches maillot

Motion graphics used to introduce the project’s stakeholders and their contribution.

morean | reinventing paris | les arches maillot

 Realistic rendering of the building placed in real urban environment.

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