presence, perception and vr

The first VR Conference “Beyond Games” was held in Berlin on September 18. Matthew McGinity, Head of VR at morean, gave a talk on “Presence, Perception and VR”.

The very inspiring conference programme featured speakers from different backgrounds ranging from journalism and documentary to art, computer science and technology. We really appreciated the organisers’ approach:

“Gamers have already been early adopters of VR – but what is there beyond games? How can we use VR in journalism? What do 360° documentaries have to offer? What skills are needed to develop experiential stories and scenarios? Oh, and last but not least, what business models & opportunities are out there?”

Matthew spoke about the the history, challenges and cognitive implementations of immersive media. Watch the video and please get in touch if you have any questions or plan a VR project.

Thanks to Linda, Frédéric and Lorenz for the great event! We are looking forward to the next VR Conference!

morean |cinematorama
Auguste Blaise Baron: Cinématorama, 1897/99

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