November 2, 2015 morean

on architectural entrepreneurship is one very cool new online magazine featuring articles and interviews at the intersection between architecture and entrepreneurship. We felt honored to be among the first interviewees.

“What made you decide to start morean?” – “Was there a particular moment that sealed the decision for you?”. Good questions that we were happy to be asked by Tobias. He had been missing a platform devoted to architectural entrepreneurship and thus started Here’s how he describes his approach: “The word ‘Archipreneur’ is a composite of the words ‘architect’ and ‘entrepreneur’. The site covers topics from architecture and real estate development, through placemaking and city planning, to technology and entrepreneurship.” A quote from the “about” section:

The idea of being an Archipreneur is to build a business from your architectural skill set, to free yourself from the demands of your current job and to create the things that you truly love.

That’s well put. This – creating things we (and our customers) love – is exactly why we started morean. If you’d like to know wether this was a good decision and what we learned as entrepreneurs so far read the full interview here.  And please feel free to tell us if you think we are right…

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