first prize for the serene dancer

Our cordial congrats go to Zaha Hadid Architects, Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner and Sinotech Engineering Consultants! They have just won the international competition to design the new Danjiang Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan.

The amazingly light construction – appropriately dubbed “the serene dancer” – spans the banks of the Tamsui River. It will need only one mast to support the 920m road which makes it “the world’s longest single-tower, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge.” We cite the architects:

“The mast is designed and engineered to be as slender as possible and positioned to offer the best structural performance, avoid impeding the navigability of the river and also minimise any interference with the views of the sunset from popular viewing points along the river. This single-mast design also minimizes structural elements in the riverbed in accordance with the increased protection programs of the estuary’s ecosystems.”

To explain the building process of this elegant structure we used time lapse sequences shot from different perspectives. The resulting film was embedded into the beautifully atmospheric animation crafted by our esteemed colleagues from MIR.

Obviously the jury conceived both the beauty and the technical brilliance of the design. We love it to.

morean | 3d animation bridge construction


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