sound creates space


Tobias Purfürst is a sound designer, music producer and performing artist. He composes music and sounds for our films. In this interview Tobias talks about sounds that create spaces, noises that announce events and the productive relationship between art and business.

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the italian style of aviation

The expanded Bergamo Airport offers the ultimate aviation experience, surrounded by natural beauty, Italian tradition and culture.

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the orchestration of light


Our virtual reality showcase brings light simulation close to reality. This makes it an exciting tool for light planners and architects who want to experience light immersively. It helps to better understand its influence on space and vice versa.
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an exclusive gateway

Milano Linate Prime is the point-to-point airport connecting Milan to the whole world and all European cities.
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about a bridge

morean | wind simulation

Three partners – one interview. The world’s most renowned online architecture platform ArchDaily spoke with Zaha Hadid, Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner and morean about our collaboration in animating the award-winning Danjiang Bridge in Taiwan.
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meet morean playing bauhaus

Philipp has been invited to be part of the PLAY BAUHAUS jam in Frankfurt celebrating the Bauhaus idea on the verge of it’s 100th anniversary.  Read more

berlin’s featured start-ups

The latest issue of the berlin business magazine “Tagesspiegel Köpfe” features 10 promising start-ups based in Germany’s capital. morean is among them.  Read more

a boat beneath a sunny sky

Work hard – splash hard! Yesterday we escaped the steaming hot morean office and went on a beautiful and enchanting boat trip. We put our vessel to sea on the Spree river at the Rummelsburg bay and cruised south-east.  Read more

real illumination

Light simulation in renderings and 3d animations

“To play with light is to play with magic,” Richard Kelly wrote in 1952. We totally agree. The American lighting designer was a pioneer in his profession. And among the first people to dwell on the question how the passage of light can be simulated in architectural and interior drawings. Read more

sequence awarded best of the best

Congratulations! Zumtobel just added another remarkable credit to their impressive haul of international design awards. A brilliant combination of design and lighting quality has seen the SEQUENCE luminaire win a coveted “red dot: best of the best” award as the leading product in the light and luminaire category.

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back from the forest

As announced earlier this year, morean was part of the special exhibition innovation of interior at the international furniture trade fair interzum in early May. Around 60,000 manufacturers, suppliers, architects and designers from 148 countries made an amazing crowd at Cologne Exhibition Center.                                                                     

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visually invited

how do I invite people to attend an event, create awareness and trigger action at the same time? how do I spread the word in no time, delivering my message directly to the hands and eyes of my customers? without wasting paper, time and money? try a 3d video invitation!

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come to the forest

imagine there were no boundaries between the virtual and the physical. imagine you could touch what you see in the digital world. imagine you could feel the digital sun, water and wind on your skin.                                                                       

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the fusion of real and virtual

morean founders philipp eckhoff & gonzalo portabella

morean founders philipp and gonzalo talk about their work with international architects and designers and the connection between the real and virtual world.                                                                                              

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meet morean@betabreakfast

morean blog betahaus breakfast

coffee, brötchen and digital realities: morean has been invited to talk about how we help startups to succeed. meet us at betahaus co-working space at kreuzberg’s moritzplatz.

we are looking forward to seeing you there. register here.

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new reel

after a wonderful first year in business with great projects (and a lot of rewarding work) we added some of the latest works to our new little showreel…


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zumtobel sequence in 3d motion

enjoy the unique features of the ZUMTOBEL SEQUENCE luminaire animated by morean in a series of short 3D films. they have recently been launched on the company’s blog.

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riyadh metro station

saudi-arabia is currently building a whole new public transportation system. one of the most iconic metro stations ever has been designed by Snøhetta. morean provided a handcrafted construction film. it features a time-lapse study of the building process – starting with the excavation ditch until finally the giant canopy is set on top.

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housing for the third millennium

CONGRATULATIONS! barcelona-based pich architects (together with W-ATS architects) have just been awarded at the idea competition that the city of Toulouse, France, started about a year ago.

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