visually invited

how do I invite people to attend an event, create awareness and trigger action at the same time? how do I spread the word in no time, delivering my message directly to the hands and eyes of my customers? without wasting paper, time and money? try a 3d video invitation!

for the Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall morean has developed an innovative format: a 3D video invitation to a medical congress which can be sent to guests, partners and customers via e-mail and viewed on smartphones and mobile devices.

the goal of the video was to encourage doctors to visit the Almirall booth at the AEDV 2015, a medical congress in Seville, Spain. the short film conveys both the corporate image and character of Almirall and emotionally connects with the future visitors of the stand. it is sent to potential visitors the days prior to the congress. reaching them directly. animating them to be part of the event.

morean | 3d video invitation


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